Biblical Partnership

Bible translation is the job of the church worldwide. Without God's Word, the church itself can't grow. Partnership includes praying, mutual encouragement, and financial support. You can participate through your church or directly with us. Learn more about Wycliffe Bible Translators on their website:

Wycliffe missionaries do not receive a guaranteed salary. Like all Wycliffe members, we look to the Lord to provide funds necessary for all our needs. We look to God to provide funds for living and ministry expenses through individuals, families and churches. Those who give are partners in the ministry of Bible translation and enable the us to commit our full attention to ministry.

It takes a team

The Fruit

The fruit is changed lives. Having God’s Word in their own language results in changed lives in many people. As people read His Word and are eager to learn, the Holy Spirit brings new life in Christ.

The Branches

The branches are Bible translators who live in towns and villages around the world. They live among the people, learn their language, and translate God’s precious Word for and with them.

The Trunk

The trunk is a team of specialists: teachers, pilots, managers, construction workers, printers, secretaries, and many more who back up the Bible translators. This frees the translators from other tasks and allows them to concentrate on the translation of God’s Word.

The Roots

The roots are families, individuals, and churches who are involved in partnership with us. The tree would not flourish without the root system, and God’s provisions of sunshine and rain.