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SIL's Area Language Technology Coordinators meet in North Carolina

SIL International has a new academic domain called "Language Technology", and I am serving as the International Coordinator of Language Technology Use. In SIL, there are domains for each discipline that is required in a language development project. You are probably aware that my personal motivation is to see God's Word available in every language of the world. Yet, one does not just go in to an area that has no writing system and start translating the Bible.  There are numerous disciplines involved in developing the language and understanding the cultural context.

Translation Resources of the Future

I attended a meeting in Misano, Italy in September to discuss Translation Resources of the Future. I was representing SIL International along with two others, and there were partners from United Bible Societies and The Seed Company, both of which are heavily involved in translating the Bible.  The goal of the meeting was to try to spearhead a new initiative to produce the types of Bible translation aids that will answer the needs of a new type of Bible translator.

Rapid Word Collection

Ron Moe is a colleague of mine at SIL International and has developed a set of semantic domains and accompanying questions that enable the rapid elicitation of words. He has been promoting it for years as the Dictionary Development Process (DDP). Although teams that have tried it have not often effectively managed the resulting mass of data, it is unarguably the best and most efficient method of collecting words in minority languages without a history of literature.

Android phones in Africa break the $100 price barrier

Call me biased, but I really believe that Android is the operating system of the future for smartphones. The Apple iPhone OS is not poised to take back the market share that Android is gaining because Apple products have always been destined for those who can afford them. I have heard rumors of an Android phone in the range of $100 being produced, and have been anxiously waiting for the day this would happen.

Dual mice again on Windows 7

I spend a lot of time at my computer and I soon start to feel it in my arms. I am sold on trackballs have been using them ever since the first trackball that hooked on the side of my notebook computer. For the sake of this article, we'll generalize and call them mice. When USB mice came out, it was possible to attach more than one to the computer and I quickly figured out that if I had a mouse in each hand, I could stick my sore arm behind my back and force myself to use my left hand every once in a while.