Technology for Scripture Translation and Access

The Eurasia Media & Distribution Consultation held in Zelhem, Netherlands was bigger than ever this year. People involved in Scripture engagement came together from all over, making the word Eurasia highly inoperative in its title. My interest in going was to discover more tools and technology that people I support in language technology roles should know about, so that they in turn can better support field teams. It is for this purpose that I attended and from this perspective I am reporting. 

Zapping asteroids with my eyes

CeBIT exhibition in Hannover Germany, March 14 2014

I received a free ticket to attend the CeBIT exhibition in Hannover which is in northern Germany, about a six hour Drive from where I live. Thankful for the opportunity to get plugged in to the modern technology scene, I hopped a train and traveled overnight to get there for the last day of the event. The grounds where the event was held were enormous, and I wouldn't be surprised if I walked 20 km, since I was on my feet and going booth to booth from 9 AM to 5 PM. What follows is a list of significant technologies that can have an impact on Wycliffe's field teams around the world.

LangTran Toolkit

The software that we use for linguistics and Bible translation is constantly being updated. Fonts get new special characters added, software gets new options to export content to the web, features get added, bugs get fixed. For the language technology specialist, it is a difficult job keeping everyone up to date, especially if a poor internet connection makes it difficult to download the 150 Megabyte installation file during working hours when someone is in your office needing help.